The Turquoise Rabbit

Turquoise Rabbit HeroIt’s been a while since I shared my last personal story about the one figure which has been my only Battle Beast for over 15 years, my childhood hero, the Turquoise Rabbit. And like mentioned in my previous post (Robot Animal Takara Hasbro ‘86) I finally managed to trace down he belonged to the Battle Beasts line and I also was finally able to give him back its original name: Hare Razing Rabbit (or Rabbit Kid).

So it’s been this Hare Razing Rabbit who has been my warrior for years battling against Dinosaurs, Boglins and a couple of other toy lines from that period. And of course he always won within my played battle stories as logic result of its hero position and my role as “director of the story.” But he did have a hard time sometimes as he ended up in some difficult and even hopeless situations, probably the ordinary situations a hero ends up being in and working its way out of. Luckily the Rabbit was designed and meant to Battle and I’m glad he never broke or lost any arms because if so there’d have been a big chance he’d ended up in the garbage bin, were sadly enough most of these old toys have ended, and I’d never have found him again.

Today most of my other toys are gone or are still hiding in the shadow while the Rabbit has regained its central position as Childhood Hero. He’s retired from the Battle stories with other toy lines and is properly displayed amongst its fellow anthropomorphic figures which belong to the same line, the Battle Beasts.

Since my Rabbit never had its rub (the sticker that reacts to heath which was supposed to be positioned in the square on its chest) this ‘gimmick’ was also new to me although in the back of my mind I remember the Battles fought by some of the older kids with these figs in which the Water, Wood and Fire element played a crucial role. So with finding this figure, my childhood hero, a lot of great memories returned and I ended up collecting them all……

And even tough I can say I’m the proud owner of a full 112 Battle Beasts collection (including the 36 Laser Beasts) and there is a ton of awesome figures in there the Rabbit still is, and always will be, one of my favorite figures within this line because he was my childhood hero and he has become my hero again 15 years later.

That said it is also clear where the Beastformers logo originated because its based upon that one figure, the Turquoise Rabbit.

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