Who is the most RARE Battle Beast?

Two titans, or holy grail pieces, within the Battle Beasts world line up to decide who´s the most rare Beast on Planet Beasts. This post includes the result of a poll held among followers of the @Beastformers Instagram account but it wouldn´t be the Beastformers Blog is this Battle wasn´t supported with proper background stories so apart from the poll results and the actual outcome of which of these two Beasts actually is the most rare the Striped Clear Carp and Stone Cobra now have their own page on the Beastformers Blog as well in the Battle Beasts section PREMIUMS because that´s obviously where these two belong.

Go visit the NEW Striped Clear Carp page here:

Go visit the NEW Stone Cobra page here:

Both pages are fully completed so have a look because the information there will clarify a lot more about the things that will be discussed here in order to come to the final verdict of which of the two is the most rare Battle Beasts.

Input from the BB Community via Social Media
One week ago the following post was posted on Instagram:

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In the world of Battle Beasts (Beastformers) there are two rare Beasts which are, or have been, high on many wantlists. The Striped Clear Carp and Stone Cobra are Premium Beasts for a reason but which one is more rare?! A little investigation for the upcoming post on the 22nd of the month (next Sunday) where the help of the BB Community is needed. Over time various attempts have been done to attempt a rating of actual numbers/ratio in collections so there is an idea but for the current situation the following question; DO YOU HAVE A (OR MORE) STRIPED CLEAR CARP AND/OR A STONE COBRA IN YOUR COLLECTION? Please comment below with; the number and Beast(s) you have in your collection. So if you have 1 Striped Clear Carp and no Stone Cobra comment; 1 Striped Carp / 0 Stone Cobra. Etc. This ONLY goes for ORIGINALS so please don't participate if you've a reproduction or fake! Thanks for the input, please spread the word because the more input the better, and there will also be a poll going up via IG stories where you can vote for which of the two you believe is the rarest. Next week this will hopefully result in an informative and interesting new post on the #BeastformersBlog Enjoy the Beasts! #ビーストフォーマー #Beastformers #BattleBeasts #ToycrewbuddiesJP #Rebeltoysclub #Justanothertoygroup#Toy_Quest #toypops2 #acba#toyphotopinas #toygroup_alliance #actionfigures  #toycollector #Transformers #トランスフォーマー #80stoys #collectabletoys #toyleague#igfotoys #toys4life #BattleBeast #premiumbattlebeasts #Toystagram #instatoys

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The outcome of this question resulted in a limited response but as showed, from those who did reply, the Stone Cobra had the slight upper hand in being present in collections of fellow collectors with 5 against 4 in comparison to the Striped Clear Carp. Interesting but the numbers were obviously too limited to work with.

But luckily, although this was obviously known by the White Rabbit, a similar question was asked 13!! Years ago in an old Topic on the LittleRubberGuys forums;

How many Stonecobras/Striped carps

And this resulted in a more serious number of 20 Striped Clear Carps vs 18 Stone Cobra´s.

Let´s not forget this was way back and the information that was known about these Beasts was rather limited. And there´s also a chance that the Beasts that were counted back than are counted double by now as they might´ve made it to other owners in time but it that´s not the case and we count both of them together it´s 20+4= 24 Striped Clear Carps vs 18+5=23 Stone Cobra´s.

To even it out within the Beastformers Collection there are currently 2 Striped Clear Carps and 3 Stone Cobra´s meaning it´s and even 26 vs 26.

So the big question remains but before the actual verdict first a look at…

Which Beast do you believe is the most rare Beast?
This was the question asked via Instagram stories and here are the results…

Interesting because if this poll would´ve been held a couple of years or a decade ago big chance the Stone Cobra might´ve taken the lead with a much higher percentage. Due to the higher numbers of Striped Clear Carps which seemed around at that time as shown in the post from 2006 shared above.

But as the numbers shown that´s not the case and the BB Community is pretty united in their answer with the ratio being almost 50-50.

In which case there would be no ¨clear¨ winner. But it´s not over yet.

Striped Clear Carp or Stone Cobra?
The real answer should be found in the background stories that are related to both figures and thus the way how they´ve been available in Japan back in the days. As shown at the beginning of the post the Beastformers Team has done a bit of research into the origin of both and with that and the numbers of these Beasts that have passed through the Beastformers Dungeons over the past 8 years it´s save to say there is a ¨clear¨ winner.

Because the Stone Cobra was a Mail-Away item meaning it could be obtained relatively easy if you´d fulfill the requirements needed, on the Stone Cobra page you´ll read more about this, meaning there had to be quite a relatively serious number of Stone Cobra´s out there in order to fulfill the Mail-Away requests. And it is mentioned somewhere that due to the success of the Mail-Away Promotion the period during which the Stone Cobra could be won was extended.

On the other side there´s the Striped Clear Carp which was available as a Prize item from the Punch-Box set of which the odds of actually finding one were much lower, on the Striped Clear Carp page you´ll read more about this, meaning the actual numbers of Striped Clear Carps are very unlikely to outnumber the number of a much more structured and organized promotion campaign that´s surrounding the Stone Cobra.

And this theory can be corroborated with the numbers of Striped Clear Carps vs Stone Cobra´s that have been seen over the past few years where the ratio is actually much more divided than what the results above have shown. Also the Beastformers Team, when requested for those specific figures, had a much harder time to find a Striped Clear Carp compared to a Stone Cobra.

Of course the more recent Stone Cobra SCAM might´ve influenced things a bit but with our knowledge on this subject and being able to rule out the fakes purely looking at the original figures it still shows that the Stone Cobra has been relatively more easy to find than the Striped Clear Carp.

With the actual production numbers of both figures unknown it remains a bit of a gamble but with the theory behind it and the numbers of them known within the various collections a ratio of 2/3 (Striped Clear Carp vs Stone Cobra) seems plausible making the Striped Clear Carp come out as the winner of this Battle of the Titans…


This was the Ninth post already (9/22/2019) of the ¨22 Project¨ dropping a new Post/Page/Update on the Beastformers Blog every 22nd of the Month in 2019. One that´s a massive update to the Beastformers Blog not because of this post but the two pages that are connected to it explaining more about two Holy Grail pieces within the BB Community.


A barely in time delivery by The White Rabbit with only 3 minutes left but it should make a big difference again adding more History and insight to the Beastformers Blog, what´s next…
You´ll find out on the 22nd of next Month!

Enjoy the Beasts!

The Beastformers Team



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