Indonesian Bootleg Battle Beasts

Since the Beastformers Team first discovered this line in 2014 and shared it with the international BB community it was clear that this line had not made it out of Indonesia before since it was completely unknown. Hence the original topic about it on LRG;

Animals Robot Master (Unknown?!) Bootleg BB from Indonesia

A couple of years have passed and these were more than needed to gather information in order to get enough figures and references in hand to come with a solid article about these colorful Bootlegs. Let´s not forgot that the moment they were first found the only thing there was to work with were the figures the origin country and for the rest it was only a completely blank page. Over time a couple of initial observations, based upon only a few single and loose figures, have been corrected already and now there´s a new page about them on the Beastformers Blog;

Animals Robot Master

Which means that they´re now, finally after all those years, documented and verified properly enough to be added to the Bootleg area of the Beastformers Blog. A place where they belong since this Bootleg is different from all the other Bootlegs found so far because they come from a country were most of us BB collectors, including the Beastformers Team, would´ve never expected to find a BB related line, Indonesia.

A warning up front because it might be a long, but informative, read.
Enjoy the Animals Robot Master line from Indonesia!

The Beastformers Team

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