New Domain Name (UPGRADE)

Some of you fellow collectors, or followers, of the Beastformers Blog might´ve already noticed that the Domain Name of the Beastformers Blog has changed recently. The original domain; (which will continue to work) has been upgraded into the new .blog domain name. From now on the Beastformers Blog can officially be found via this will hopefully make it more easy to consult or find the blog and not having to worry about remembering the full wordpress domain name extension.

Apart from the fact that this will make the Beastformers Blog more easy to find, having an obvious domain name, it´ll also enhance a couple of other slight changes to the page you´ve become used to. But this is mainly concerning some aesthetic changes of which the new header is a good example. The header has become a bit more sophisticated, including some references to the old line, ready for the years to come.

The White Rabbit @Beastformers will remain the Official Social Media account of the Beastformers Blog on Twitter and Instagram.

Over time the Beastformers Team will continue to expand the amount of information and some interesting new posts are in the making for the upcoming months.

Hope to welcome you back on the BEASTFORMERS.BLOG again soon.
Enjoy the Beasts!

The Beastformers Team

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