Beast Saga; What could´ve been…

Apologies for the poor quality of some of the images shown in this post. They´ve been extracted from much smaller images and they´ve been blown up during scanning into a more acceptable size causing the overall quality to be a little less.

Apart from the Checklist with the known figures and brief summary about the Beast Saga line in the recently (4/19/2017) released; タカラSFランドエヴォリューション (Takara SF Land Evolution) book in Japan, shared on the Beastformers Blog as; TAKARA´s Salute to the Beastformers there were also some pictures shown of never released figures. The figures we had all hoped to see based on the Anime and Manga in which some unknown characters appeared but which never actually made it to a physical figure release due to the abrupt ending of the line.

As a fan it is hard to see that in this publication there´s quite a few figs showing that seemed only one step away from the actual release of which the missing step simply was the release itself…

Like this Beast Saga Cheetah figure on the right, it´s a sculpt that´s not completely unknown as it was part of the Beast Saga W (Kabaya) series, the mini figure line, but in the common size and with a paint scheme it looks pretty impressive.

Apart from this figure which you could consider almost release ready there´s a few more as shown in the overview bellow of all the unreleased Beast Saga figures, shown in the SF Land publication, in various stages of the design phase.


With this gallery Takara Tomy also gives a little insight in the design process of the Beast Saga figures first showing the hand sculpted versions, in complete gray, followed by adding the exact dimension/extraction of the dice shooter (the white/cream colored square). Next step was implementing the actual dice shooter, as seen with the Iguana. The Bear and Red Panda show the Skin vs Armor tone division. This probably wasn´t the final division looking at the Red Panda´s skin and armor color in comparison to the image shown earlier in the book; ビーストサーガ (Beast Saga) 2012, Takara SF Land Evolution where it shows some different colors. And once the division of the skin and armor parts was clarified, having the color of pieces that were actually produced, the final touch was the paint job adding the details. The design of the dices, each matching its own figure, was a separate process because as show in these pictures the dices here are just stickers and showing other figures that were already released.

Based on the design of the figures and their presence/appearance in the Anime and Mange it is clear that the sculpts are perfectly in line, as you would expect from Takara, with the figs represented in the cartoons and comics.


Apart from the Hyena and Red Panda all of these unreleased figures are animals known from the original Battle Beasts and Laser Beasts lines.

Of course everyone will have its own personal favorite when it comes to these but we´d like to address one of these unreleased figures, the Seahorse. From a design point of view this figure seems to be extremely well balanced. And with its armor design which is definitely influenced by the traditional Japanese Samurai Armour it just makes it one piece of awesomeness.


Power Up Version

Apart from these nice and unique new figure sculpts Takara Tomy also did a test with sculpts showing パワーアップ (Power Up) versions of some of the figures like the ライオーガ (Leogre, Lion) (shown in the header of this post) and ゴールダー (Goldar, Tiger) on the left.

Which seem to be a bit more advanced sculptures containing much more details probably representing their ultimate fighting mode that´s been shared in the Manga.

It is likely that those Power Up versions were supposed to be a bit bigger than the normal Beast Saga figures.

It´s needles to speculate about the reason Why it stopped and these figs were never released, because we´ll never know, but now we actually get to see the pictures of these awesome figures in their finished stage as well as some in their concept/design phase all we can say its a bit frustrating and a shame, being confronted with what could´ve been…

The Beastformers Team

Due to copyright issues the Beastformers Team decided not to publish all the content,
only a selective part of the Beast Saga pages within the book have been shared,
in order to share just enough info, insights and details needed.
It is strongly recommended to try and get a copy of this book in case you prefer to see the missing parts.

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