Beastformers Mogwai ´19 Project

It is finally time to reveal a new Beastformers Project, one that´s been in progress for too long and just before 2020 it´s not completed and ready to be shared with the Battle Beasts Community. But it might not only be interesting for BB fans so a warm welcome to possible Gremlins fans as well!

During the last tease on Instagram via @Beastformers it might´ve been clear already;

But now it is live on the Beastformers Blog as well. A new page has been added to the Project header in the Menu and there you´ll find all the information and pictures of this new creation; a Beastformers Mogwai!

Click on the logo above or on –> Beastformers Mogwai ´19 to go visit the Project page directly.

The Beastformers Mogwai, DON´T get it wet, DON´T feed it after midnight and NEVER expose it to bright light…

Not only has it been a very fun project to work on but the final result is also much better than expected, it might even be good enough to do a limited release of these in the future if there´s enough positive response and interest in it. There´s a Poll added for this on the Project page so feel free to leave your votes there and who knows.


The Beastformers Team


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