News from Italy; Sono Tornati! (They returned)

Based on the information received from Italy the moment this post was released there´s the expectation that the Megantik re-release would last at least 2 months (Jan/Feb 2018) but it looks like they wont last that long. ALL remaining Megantik sets have been distributed already the first time around during this re-release which means they can no longer be ordered from the distributer as is normally the case. Here an there Megantik might still be around for a little while but once they´re gone it looks like they might be gone for good.
(Feb. 2nd 2018)

As briefly mentioned in the last Megantik post on the Beastformers Blog; The Momentary Life of the Megantik there was a slight chance it wasn´t the final goodbye of the Megantik because the possibility of a re-release, in Italy, was still open. The Beastformers Team has since been in touch with Diramix a couple of times and it soon became clear that things weren´t going very smoothly because at first the scheduled redistribution of this line, to sell the remaining figures that didn´t sell during their first period, set for October 2017 was postponed to November 2017. Also this month passed and the last update was that it was postponed to the beginning of 2018. What they did share is that we could expect a new packaging style. Sadly enough they didn´t want to share the details so all we could do was wait….

Until today when we received some unexpected new because thanks to some solid connections in Italy we were directly notified the moment the first Megantik boxes reached the Edicola shops in Italy, earlier today (23/12/2017), for the redistribution of the line!

Sono Tornati!
(They Returned!)


And thanks to some pictures that were forwarded directly together with some additional info about this redistribution there is a couple of things we can conclude straight away resulting in good news and bad news. The Good news is obviously that they´ve returned which means they´ll most likely be available in Italy for a period of around 2 months again (initially scheduled for Nov. and Dec. 2017) before they might be gone for good (?). Since a third round of their distribution is very unlikely based on everything we´ve seen and heard so far.

Now this redistribution is out we also get a better look at the changed packaging style and strategy because not only the outer, shop display, box did receive a makeover but also the single wrapped figures inside. And this is the part where the bad news comes in for most of us as international collectors outside Italy. The new box contains 14!!! instead of 15 (full set) single wrapped figures and they´re wrapped in a transparent foil together with a new booklet and the Megantik Arena tiles which means they´re no longer blind bags either. Although you could consider this as a positive change knowing you can see the figure inside its wrapping it probably isn´t knowing that the amount of variable figures inside each box is pretty random as well. With the first release you had the certainty that, apart from the possibility of a slight error, you would receive a complete set of all the 15 different characters in each box. This has changed drastically in this new situation making it much harder to complete a full set in one go. So not only does this change of blind bag strategy completely take out the curiosity and anxiousness that came with the blind bags it also will result in the fact that the more desired figures will sell while others might be left. It might be good news for those who were still missing a few figures to reach their complete set, maybe that´s also the main goal of this redistribution (?), because they can pick their missing figures on sight now. But on the other hand it will make it much harder for new collectors to obtain a full set and you´re literally depending on the figures that show up, and which are left, inside the box at your Edicola shop.

On the image above you can see the new wrapping style on the individual figures and it also shows that in some cases there are doubles or even triples of the same figure coming from one Megantik box.


It looks like the content inside the bag didn´t change a lot although there´s a newly designed Megantik booklet that might hold some new information (?). But apart from that the figures are still exactly the same and each figure does come with 3 tiles which can be used to compose the Megantik Arena.

For more information about the Megantik line, a checklist of the 15 different characters, the game with the Megantik Arena and more visit the Megantik page on this blog;



And for a review of this line by the Beastformers Team have a look at the Megantik Review page;



This is all the news we have about the redistribution of the Megantik line in Italy so far as soon as new information and details are obtained this page will be updated, if necessary.

For now they are back, Enjoy the Megantik!

The Beastformers Team



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