Update Beast Saga area

Beast Saga update

 The Beastformers team has been working in the Beast Saga area of the blog and some interesting additions have been updated. From now on the ビーストサーガ (BEAST SAGA) ANIME can be found on this blog thanks to Kakeru Ryugasaki (for sharing the episodes on Youtube) and some info concerning the ビーストサーガ (BEAST SAGA) MANGA is added as well.

For now only the first 10 Episodes of the Anime are available on the Beastformers weblog but others will be updated soon within the next weeks.

Our team is still looking for a translation of the Beast Saga Dice Game so this can be shared via the blog as well. In case you might have a clear English translated version of the Japanese instructions that belong to the Dice Game that comes with the Beast Saga figures and would be willing to share this please contact us.

Concerning the Beast Saga catalogue of figures the last blanks have been found and will be updated as soon as they arrive into the catalogue to have it fully up to date. Also some of the Promo figures will be added later.

That’s all the news for now, as you experience the update process is pretty slow but gradually the blog is taking shape and more and more info can be found. And as soon as the basic content of the weblog is available the Beastfromers team can start to focus on the real blogging concerning interesting topics related to the Battle Beasts / Beast Saga lines. There’s a lot of interesting things to share and a lot of plans but this will only work when a solid and interesting base for the blog is realised.

The Beastformers Team

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