Quality Updates Online Database

Quality update Catalogue BSBB

There have been some comments on the quality of the pictures shown within the Battle Beasts, Laser Beasts and Beast Saga databases. In some cases they were not to sharp while overall they were on the dark side. The Beastformers team has now adjusted the first batch of the pictures, they have been sharpened and brightened up a little, hoping this will be appreciated.

Here are two pictures of the Before and After state showing the improvement.

Before After BB LionBefore After BS Manta

Due to the appearance and the unity of the catalogue some minor imperfections might still occur with some figures. This is due to the fact that not all figures are represented in the best invididual way as the Beastformers team has chosen to use a general way of lighting for all figures.

For now only the Beast Saga Catalogue has been fully updated with these improved/adjusted images and the Battle Beasts and Laser Beasts Catalogue will follow within the next week(s).

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