Terms & Conditions

The moment you receive a confirmation email as a reply to your submitted Contact/Order Form your purchase is official which means you are requested to keep in mind the following Terms & Conditions that apply to all purchases made within the Beastformers Shop;


logoShipping & Handling costs
All costs are based upon standard shipping with PostNL (Dutch Post) + costs to have your items properly packed before sending them out. Shipping prices might vary depending on the offered shipping option (mentioned within the item description) as well as the shipping location. Items with a high value will only be shipped with full tracking and as signed for! Exact shipping costs will be calculated after the submitted order with shipping location are known and these will be shared within the confirmation email. Please keep in mind that the shipping prices are always specifically calculated based upon location, size and weight of the item.

Current rates:
Padded envelope with Tracking World Wide €16,-
Box with Tracking World Wide €25,-
Box with Tracking within EU €15,-

For a standard box, world wide, the shipping costs with PostNL are €25 (euro) and this is not weight related so this is the price they charge for even light weight items! These are standard charges so there is nothing I can do about it.

Shipping service or instructions
In case you wish a specific shipping service or have additional shipping instructions to prevent you from being charged with import taxes please let it know as soon as possible.

Shipping time
Please keep in mind that your item will be shipped from the Netherlands and depending on your shipping location the shipping time might vary from a few days to up to 3 to 4 weeks so please be patient.

Handling time
Items will be prepared for shipping within 3 business days after cleared payment is received.
Tuesday is our standard day for shipping International packages since this has proven to be the most effective for most locations World Wide.

Import Taxes
The Beastformers Team can not be held responsible for the extra costs of import taxes or services charged by the customs support of your country. Please check for possible import rules in your country concerning the item you purchase within the Beastformers Shop BEFORE purchasing.

Due to shipping experiences in the past some specific countries are excluded from shipping just like the complete continent of Africa. It is possible your order request will get rejected because of the given shipping location!


PayPal payment ONLY. Payment must be send within 3 workdays after you have received the confirmation email which includes the total price for the item including shipping. ALL buyers are requested to have a verified PayPal account connected to a confirmed shipping address. Items will only be shipped to verified and confirmed addresses!
All sales are final and returns are not accepted so please ask all questions PRIOR to your purchase.

All prices mentioned within the Beastformers Shop are the exact selling prices this also goes for the added shipping costs. This means that the total price you will receive in the confirmation email is the exact amount which has to be received. The buyer is kindly requested to cover the PayPal costs for the transaction which means only payments that are send as a GIFT (sending money to family or friends) will be accepted. In case you might not have this Gift option within your PayPal environment an additional 7% will be charged to cover the PayPal costs for the transaction. In case payment is send the normal way you will be requested once to send an additional payment to cover  the PayPal costs and otherwise the total amount you paid will be REFUNDED and the purchase will be CANCELED.

The ONLY accepted currency is Euro! Due to the constant change of value amongst the different currencies as well as the different types of currency converters used and the cost it brings to have other currency converted into euro’s by PayPal all payments send in other currencies will be automatically REFUNDED and the purchase will be CANCELED.

The reason for payment as a Gift and in Euro’s ONLY is caused by the costs PayPal is charging for transactions and currency exchanges.


The condition of the item will always be clearly described and clear pictures will be provided or are available upon request. For further information about the Grading system the Beastformers Team is using to determine the actual Condition of the item please check the GRADING SYSTEM.

The Beastformers Team always appreciates to receive an honest and fair feedback. In case no feedback has been left yet or you would like to see some more feedback details from Beastformers please have a look at the Feedback history on Ebay (Beastformers) or LRG (Beastformers).

In the case the Beastformers Team is, due to unexpected circumstances, not able to fulfill the above mentioned time expectations you will always be informed about possible delays as soon as possible.

For any remaining questions please contact the Beastformers Team (Beastformers@gmail.com) and we will get back with an answer as soon as possible. Only serious questions will be replied and all purchase requests from buyers of excluded countries will be removed automatically.

Please ask all questions PRIOR to your purchase!

You are kindly requested to be fully aware of the Terms & Conditions mentioned above before placing an order within the Beastformers Shop. In case you might somehow not be able to fulfill the requirements that come with your purchase please contact the Beastformers Team as soon as possible.

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