Specific Figure/Item Request

Are you looking for a specific figure or item from the Vintage Beastformer lines; Battle Beasts, Laser Beasts or from the new Beast Saga line? Feel free to contact the Beastformers Team because there is a big chance we can help you with the item your looking for.

We have a lot of items in stock and have worldwide connections to find the item you might be looking for. Please challenge us since the hunt for certain items is also one of the fun parts of collecting so the Beastformers Team is always ready to help you out!

Over the years the Beastformers Team helped a lot of collectors World Wide completing or updating their collections and even some of the largest collectors of this line know to reach us when it comes tothe most rare or unique items for their collections.

In case we have the figure/item your looking for directly available you will receive a well detailled picture of the exact item in a reply together with the price for it.

Please use the Contact/Order Form of the Beastformers Shop to submit your request
and get that missing figure or item you´ve always been looking for!

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