In order to avoid the risk of lost or delayed packages there will be no packages shipped from Dec. 1st 2015 until the 2nd week of Jan. 2016.

On Jan. 1st 2016 a New BEASTFORMERS SHOP will be revealed!


Price: €25,- SOLD OUT

LOOKING FOR A SPECIFIC BEASTFORMERS FIGURE / ITEM? Contact us. Prices and pictures available upon request.

Price: €450,-
Item: Complete Serie 1 C7.5/C8

Price: €1500,- SOLD OUT
Item: Complete Battle Beasts collection C8/C8.5

Price: €35,-
Item: Metallic Blue GBB Weasel C7.5

Price: €35,-
Item: Metallic Blue GBB Giraffe C7.5

Price: €35,-
Item: Black GBB Bat C7.5

Price: €175,- Item: Clear Carp

Price: €175,-SOLD OUT
Item: Clear Carp C7.5/C8

Price: €450,- SOLD OUT
Item: Complete King Buster C8/C8.5

LOOKING FOR A SPECIFIC BEAST SAGA FIGURE / ITEM? Contact us. Prices and pictures available upon request.

>click on the images for more info<

In case the image does not link to another info/description page please use the Contact/Order Form directly in case you wish to purchase that item.

 These figures from the late 1980’s were so well designed, and sculpted in such detail, that they are still far ahead of their time. There is only ONE Battle Beasts line so all figures deserve to be cherished and treated like little pieces of art.

We really consider the figures from the vintage lines, Battle Beasts and Laser Beasts, as little pieces of art so this is where the Gallery idea originated. In our Gallery, Online Store, we are doing our best to offer you figures in the best possible condition despite their age and history and to fulfill or help you in your quest to nostalgia in the best possible way. With the time passing the chances of finding these figures in good and complete condition is decreasing fast while the amount of passionate collectors is still growing. This means that its almost impossible to serve and fulfill all requests. They are not gone yet and who knows how many are still hidden in boxes within peoples atics or basements but every single figure that does find its way out of the shadow and into the light of day might be the last one….

To place an order, a request for a certain figure, a trade offer or any other questions related to the Online Store please use the Contact/Order Form.

3 thoughts on “Gallery

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  2. Looking for more info on rare beasts..I lost out on other offers u have had in the recent past. Thx!

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