Battle Beasts ¨Variants¨

I´ve proposed to make a kind of checklist with different orders in it in order to create some kind of generally accepted list that shows which variants are the most common and accepted in relation to the distinct ones caused by missing paint apps or others things that might´ve been more related to the factory who produced them rather than the actual intention to have them made in such a way since imho the true variants are clearly distinct enough and where made that way on purpose. But the reason this hasn´t been done yet is because of all the different perspectives on this subject and the ongoing discussions between some of us caused by the different views.

Beastformers (2015)
Battle Beasts Variants Topic on LRG

This message above was posted on LittleRubberGuys (LRG) by The White Rabbit almost 4 years ago and even though the Variant discussion STILL is a chaotic and open to debate it´s about time to take position and clarify about the various ¨common¨ figures that are around and considered to be ¨Variants¨.

In order to bring this much needed clarity the Beastformers Blog will start, and suggest, to create new orders and give new description names to certain figures in order to make it more understandable and less misleading for (new) fellow collectors. Because hunting down the mysterious Black Face Gorilla is not a realistic goal to achieve whereas the origin or reason for some commonly accepted ¨Variants¨ might actually be a little different than expected. All of this will be discussed on this new page;

¨Variant¨ Explanation


This will definitely be a topic that´s open to debate and might receive some criticism from some fellow collectors who might disagree with the various orders but at least there now is a base to work with, if you want, and it will create a bit of order in the chaos.

In time, as we continue to learn more about this line, things might change again but for now the suggested order on the ¨Variant¨ Explanation page is the new standard for BB Variants from the perspective of the Beastformers Team.


This was the sixth post (6/22/2019) of the ¨22 Project¨ dropping a new Post/Page/Update on the Beastformers Blog every 22nd of the Month in 2019. Bringing clarity in the chaotic Variant discussion and providing a clear suggestion and order to describe the various different figures in a clear and understandable way for the future.

Curious to see how this new page is received and whether it will receive support in order to continue to with this new order from now on?


Again it´s been a just in time delivery by The White Rabbit but what´s new….
At least there´s one again a

NEW Post/Page/Update on 22nd of the Month!

Enjoy the Beasts!

The Beastformers Team



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